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Hangzhou Infinite was established by techno professionals having more than 30 years of industry & power experience & offering traditional & renewable power solutions in China. We pride ourselves in providing effective, efficient and above all high quality Energy power solutions. Our forte includes Solar & Power Generator solutions along with providing state of the art equipment & pick off the self energy solutions for our daily consumers. By bringing innovative energy solutions we aim at revolutionizing the way energy is produced, consumed & conserved without harming the environment. Our staff is always available for our customers & we provide immediate response to them, showing that at Infinite “WE CARE.”.

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Our team

M. Amjad Saleem | Wei Zhang

Managing Partner

Rotin Chen

General Manager

Luis tina

IT Director

Syed Murtaza Ashraf

Director Marketing


Company Coordinator

Asad Khan

Manager Marketing & Technical

Dr. Arif Ali Khan

Director Country Coordinator

Wentao Wang

Director Technical

Zahid Hussain

Manager Marketing